Google pushes site performance

Google recently started an initiative to push site performance.

Reading the question "How fast is your site", I was wondering when the engineers last visited YouTube. Besides still relying on Flash as a content delivery technology, YouTube is a JavaScript and iFrame mess. Everytime I visit, I subconsciously expect the marquee-tag rising from the grave.

Today, Google introduces the Feather Beta, a streamlined theme, which still uses too much JavaScript, but at least removes the iFrames. Give it a try!

Google releases Android SDK 0.9 beta

Google just released the long-awaited Android SDK 0.9 beta.

Android welcome screen

Besides a major graphical overhaul, Google made a lot of changes to the Android APIs. It seems the coming T-Mobile Android mobile phone made it possible to release the new SDK.

Android main menu

Android browser

There's one important step left: Google still needs to release the source of the Android APIs.

Google is going to start display ads

Marissa Mayer talking about Google's new ad strategy:

"Matching graphical-display ads with image searches ``represents a large opportunity, and there's lot of potential for advertising revenue there,' Marissa Mayer, a Google vice president, told Bloomberg Radio today. At the same time, the company must ensure such ads don't drive users away, she said..."
(Source: Alley Insider)

It doesn't drive users away, it just leads more people towards Ad-block systems (e.g. Adblock Plus).

It's a bad deal for Google and a bad deal for every other ad sponsored portal. One of Google's biggest achievement was a conservative ad placement strategy. In my opinion it was one of the keystones of Google's success.

In love with Google Calculator

While reviewing some basic data of GMs new "Volt", I once again hit on the imperial system.

I'm quite unfamiliar with "Miles per Gallon", so instead of juggling with miles, gallons, meters and liters I was hoping someone on the net already did the calculation.

It's even simpler than that:

Image of google calculator

You just have to love the Google Calculator.

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