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ShowMeDo is yet another open source video tutorial site. What makes it superior to other sites is it's huge selection on topics, ranging from beginner tutorials to advanced software development.

There are still some flaws. I'm missing information on intellectual property rights, especially which rights ShowMeDo claims and which license the authors intend to use for their content. Additional to that, a decent designer would be a good choice, and some use of standards would be great.

But other than that, it's a good site with great content on it. Thanks to Ian Ozvald and Kyran Dale for providing this free (and ad-free) service to the community.

Original location: 'Practical Episode - User Interface Basics' at ShowMeDo from the Ubuntu category.

Thanks to Og Maciel for mentioning it at Planet Ubuntu.


Hi Markus, thanks for the

Hi Markus, thanks for the entry.

Re. intellectual property - what we don't make a big deal about (and we really should) is that we don't make any claim of ownership for the videos. The videos belong to the author, they are free to delete them at any time, we are happy to host them and to provide an audience.

Some authors mark their videos as being Creative Commons, we leave the choice of license down to the author. As long as the videos are freely available then we are happy.

We strive to keep the site ad-free as education should not be mucked up with lots of silly flashing ads. We run the site out of our own pockets and since February we run a Python-focused subscriber Club ( containing longer tutorials to pay for our time - we'll expand the Club to cover other areas (possibly Ubuntu) depending on demand.

I'll mail you to get some more feedback,

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